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Your Guide to Circuit Breakers

Your circuit breaker is an incredibly important part of your home’s electrical system.

Did you know that, without your circuit breaker, using electricity in your home would be very dangerous? Although our circuit breakers are commonly used by homeowners, many people are unfamiliar with what they do and how they work. At ElectricMasters, we know that knowledge is important for keeping you safe, and that’s why our electrician in Cincinnati, OH has set out to help you understand your circuit breaker a little better.

How do circuit breakers work?

If a circuit in your home gets overloaded with electricity, it can overload your entire electrical system, and if it doesn’t get addressed quickly, it could put your whole family in danger by putting excess heat stress on your wires. Luckily, your circuit breaker is there to save the day! When your circuit breaker detects a current of electricity that is too high in a circuit, it will automatically flip a switch to turn that circuit off. When the electricity goes off in a single room or area in your home, it’s probably due to an overloaded circuit. In addition to protecting your electrical system from circuit overloads, your circuit breaker also allows you to shut down circuits for electrical repairs and maintenance.

Many homeowners have used their circuit breakers at least once, so it’s important to know what your circuit breaker is for and the basics of how it works. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn what causes your circuit breaker to trip.