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Why Should I Hire An Electrician?

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? If you choose Electric Masters, the best electrician in Cincinnati, just mention this website and/or blog and you will receive a discounted $59 service call.

Is that all the convincing it took? Great!

Ah, some of you want more — understandable. In that case, read on, because not only are we the best electricians in Cincinnati, but we are also the best electricians that blog. Why would we care about blogging? To answer the many questions that folks, such as yourself, frequently ask to the search engines that be, of course! For instance, you’ve made your way to this blog after asking why you should hire an electrician, haven’t you?


If you have an electric emergency in or around Cincinnati, we have 24/7 emergency electrical services available. While we’d be pretty surprised if you DID have an emergency and went looking for a local electrical contractor with the query, “why should I hire an electrician?”, it’s technically not impossible, so we wanted to cover our bases.

Now, without further ado, we’ll cease and desist with the meandering so that we can comprehensively answer the question the title of this blog has raised. Let’s dive in.


When in doubt, leave it to the professionals. While you might be able to “DIY” your way through a home painting project, changing a tire, or planting a garden for the first time, electrical work is a horse of a different color. Why? If you mess up the painting job, you can paint over it. If you can’t change a tire, you can call a friend to pick you up. If your garden yields a barren harvest, you can drive to Arby’s. But if you screw up your rewiring project? You could seriously injure or electrocute yourself. There’s the rub.

In order to keep your precious life, we strongly recommend leaving the electrical repairs to a licensed electrician. And while we certainly have a horse in this race, we will advise in this way whether you live near Cincinnati or not!

Now, swapping out a light bulb does not qualify as something you need to call an electrician for. So which types of electrical projects are we talking about? Here’s a few common electrical projects to give you an idea:

  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Replacing or repairing a circuit breaker
  • Updating or installing an electrical panel
  • Adding outdoor lighting or other electrical features of some sort
  • Outlet installation
  • Outlet troubleshooting/repair
  • Light fixture installation
  • Chandelier installation


Certified electrical contractors are able to boast comprehensive training for all things electrical. As it so happens Electric Masters is such a certified electrician in Cincinnati, which means we are able to put our knowledge and experience to good use in projects commercial, industrial, and residential. Given the fact that our Cincinnati electricians have years of experience under our belts, we can combine our formal training with considerable hands-on practice. As a consumer looking for the ideal candidate in a trustworthy electrician, this is the exact profile you should be looking for.

Permits & Inspections

Electrical work requires professional, certified hands for more reasons than safety alone — although safety is sufficient in its own right! When you paint your office or DIY your way through replacing the tile in your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about the legality of what you are doing. This is not the case with electrical work.

While plenty of people are willing to gamble on the chance that not having their electrical work up to code won’t come back to bite them in the rear one day, we’d advise against it. We imagine you are a homeowner who isn’t too worried about making sure all your ducks are in a row, but what if you ever want or need to move away and sell your home? Going through the approval/disapproval process is frustrating enough to DIY, but completing the project in an incorrect way could cost you thousands in terms of your home’s value.

Instead, just hire an electrician to handle all of this hassle for you! Choosing an experienced electrician like Electric Masters will ensure your permit will get “finalled.” And if it doesn’t happen right away, we won’t rest until the job is done!

Long-Term Safety

We’ve talked about safety on the job, but there’s another layer to the danger discussion. If an electrical job has been completed incorrectly by a non-professional, they would usually know by the fact that electricity is not flowing properly in some way, shape, or form. But sometimes, the task appears to have been performed correctly, but in reality it’s only a temporary fix — and one that’s been done haphazardly. What DIYers need to know is that they are not only putting their own safety at risk, but could be endangering everyone who enters that home without even knowing it. There might be increased risks of electric shocks fires, and other issues without you even knowing about it!

Save Money

Most people think of hiring an electrician as an expense, which it is, but it very well might be an investment at the same time. It’s quite possible that, during your attempts to DIY whatever the electrical issue at hand is, your mistakes might cost you more than you would have paid for a professional electrician to come out in the first place. Food for thought.

Choose ElectricMasters


If it were any other industry, you might be justified in thinking that we’ve been guilty of invoking “fear tactics” to one degree or another in this blog. But the reality is that electrical work is dangerous by definition. This is exactly why we are certified and educated to the extent that we are.

For our part at Electric Masters, we specialize in all of your electrical needs. If you require commercial or residential electrical services in Cincinnati, you know who to call! Schedule an appointment at your convenience— and be sure to mention this website/blog for a $59 service call!