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The Full Range Of Electrical Services We Offer In Cincinnati & Beyond

Whether you live on the Kentucky side or the Ohio side of the Tri-State border, Electric Masters is the licensed electrician with the experience you need to get the job done. But what is the job in the first place?

Excellent question! We aren’t sure what kind of electrical services you need. They might be residential or commercial in nature. They might have to do with a new construction project. It might even be an emergency issue that requires a Cincinnati electrician to come out to solve a 2 AM electrical emergency! There are plenty of electrical hazards that can cause electrical emergencies out there, so it certainly wouldn’t be the first time when something like that has happened!

As the title of our blog already revealed, the rest of today’s blog concerns highlighting the full scope of electrician services we provide at Electric Masters. We are passionate and experienced about what we do — that’s exactly why we want to describe what it is that we do in greater detail!

That being said, sit back, relax, and see if our breadth of electrical services will suffice for the project/repair you have in mind!


If you have something of a dated home, its electrical work might consist of knob and tube wiring — an antiquated approach that increases the chances of an electrical fire occurring. Electrical Masters offers experienced rewiring professionals who can diagnose wiring problems and provide options for fixing the issue.


We can help you (or do the task completely for you) with the installation of a backup generator for your home. A lot of people don’t give this idea much time of day. But If the power fails, what will you do when it gets cold and dark? We aren’t trying to scare you by any means, we just want you to know that having a backup generator can help you:

  • Get the power back on in seconds
  • Keep your home lit and comfortable
  • Avoid power surges
  • Protect your home and those inside it
  • Avoid spoiling perishable food
  • Keep your security system running
  • Stay connected to the world
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It might be time to update your electrical panel if your home is 20 to 30 years old. Other signs include:

  • If your electrical panel trips often
  • If your home still has a fuse box
  • If your electrical panel is warm to the touch or smells like it’s burning
  • If you always need to use extension cords
  • If your appliances don’t run at full operating capacity

We can help with such upgrades at Electric Masters, whereby we reduce your home’s chances of electrical fires and other issues.


The most common electrical problems include power surges, malfunctioning outlets, overloaded circuits, plus other common troubles like replacing a light switch or installing a ceiling fan. We recommend choosing a licensed electrician for all of your electrical repair needs.


The final element we’d like to highlight in today’s blog is our contribution to new construction projects. If you are building a new home or commercial building, Electric Masters has been assisting with electrical work during every stage of the project for over 20 years.