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Home Generator Installation In Cincinnati At ElectricMasters

It’s March of 2020. For people reading this in March of 2020, you already know what that means. For any folks who may have digitally unearthed this article months or years from now, we’ll clue you in — Coronavirus, the unprecedented, microscopic scourge of the earth, is sweeping across the globe as we write to our dear readers here in Cincinnati.

But whether you are in Cincinnati, another part of the United States, or elsewhere on the planet, it’s a strange time for all of us because we don’t know what the future holds. People are panic-buying toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and, strangely in some places, perishable foods. We suppose that’s a good sign, because it’s not yet reached the true panic buying stage, where people are concerned with their survival.

So, as far as we are concerned, go ahead and continue to buy up the bananas and bread, folks!

Don’t Be Left In The Dark

ElectricMasters is among Cincinnati’s top electricians because we know what we are doing. This isn’t our first rodeo, although we can’t claim to have experienced anything quite like what is unfolding here in early 2020. That said, we are your go-to electrician if you have any electrical problems, commercial or residential.

Given the doubt over what the future holds, it’s not the worst time to start thinking about the worst-case scenario. No, we aren’t doomsdayers over here, and we aren’t in the mood to paint an apocalyptic picture on today’s blog. Rather, we’d prefer to treat our readers like the adults they are.

When the proverbial fecal matter hits the fan, are you and yours prepared?

We aren’t talking about buying up that extra roll of toilet paper or making sure you get the whole grain pasta because it’s more filling and will last the family longer. No, we are talking about your basic needs here, like security and shelter.

Investing in a backup generator for your home is one of the smartest things you can do. Ideally, you already have one on standby and ready to go at a moment’s notice, but seeing as how you’ve come to this blog, something tells us you might be in the market to buy a generator in Cincinnati.

If so, or if you are on the fence and just doing a bit of research on the idea, you’ve come to the right place at ElectricMasters.

For the rest of today’s blog, we’ll illuminate a few of the many benefits of having a backup generator for your home, after which we’ll tell you exactly what we can do at ElectricMasters to make the purchase and installation process seamless and affordable. Let’s dive in!

5 Reasons to Install A Backup Generator


Usually, buying a backup generator doesn’t come to mind until the power has already gone out. But, as recent world events have already taught us, there’s more than one reason to buy a generator for your Cincinnati home or business. Below we list a few of them for your consideration.

Immediate Backup Power

Immediate Backup Power

First and most obviously, backup generators provide you with, well, backup power when there’s an outage. If the world goes to heck, you’ll be able to keep crucial household systems up and running, giving you peace of mind you will be so desperately grateful for if and when a significant outage comes.

Whole-house generators, which are typically powered by natural gas or propane, will automatically turn on when the power goes out. You won’t miss a beat. This means your HVAC, appliances, and other vital household systems (like refrigeration and septic systems) will remain running.

Preserve Your Food

Food Preservation

As alluded to above, a generator can make sure your food doesn’t spoil. It only takes four hours for perishables to perish without the power of refrigeration. We don’t really think you’ll enjoy living off canned food and pasta for an extended period of time, so make sure you cover your bases and keep your delicious meats and other perishables cooled and unspoiled!

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Prevent Frozen Pipes & House Floods

While spring is right around the corner, it’s not here just yet. That means temperatures might drop below freezing. If coupled with a power outage, that would put homes at risk of frozen pipes bursting, causing flooding and significant damage. If you are able to keep the heat on with a backup generator, this will be of no concern to you.

Climate Control

Climate Control

With the addition of a standby generator for your home, your pipes won’t be the only things that you can count on to be in the right temperature range. Having a backup generator not only provides you with security and shelter, but it also keeps you comfortable. Whether it’s the summer’s heat or winter’s chill here in Cincinnati, it’s essential to protect yourself from both extremes.

No Need To Leave The House

There’s no telling what the future might hold, be it a month or a year from now. Here’s hoping coronavirus concerns quell as soon as possible and all of this preparation is academic.

But, as the old adage goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. One of the chief benefits of having a standby generator is that you won’t need to leave your home for days on end if it’s up and running. You’ll have security, shelter, a comfortable environment, running water, functional plumbing, and the ability to preserve and prepare food for you and your family.

Whether it’s an extended power outage or there are disturbances outside you need to avoid, don’t be left exposed in the dark without a backup generator.

Additional Reasons

There are a few more reasons we’d like to briefly address before wrapping up today’s blog.

  • Keep your security system running – A very important thing to maintain if all goes to heck.
  • Stay connected to the world – It might be television, radio, or the internet, but you’ll want to stay connected to what is going on in your community and the world if there is a power outage.
  • Avoid power surges – When installed and used correctly, generators will cover your bases in the event of a power surge. Be advised, however, that portable generators should never be plugged into a standard wall outlet — this will actually cause a power surge.
Choose ElectricMasters


ElectricMasters is Cincinnati’s source for backup generator installation. We also sell the units themselves, so we are your one-stop-shop! We’ll help you determine your needs so we can set you up with the right type of generator, whether it’s portable, whole-house/standby, or a customized setup.

We are experienced and helpful, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for any and all of your electrical needs!