How do you know for sure? If you live in an older home in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, then you may have a wiring setup, like knob and tube wiring, that isn’t up to the current safety standards. You also may be experiencing some power issues as your family’s power needs increase and the existing wiring cannot handle the load of power running through it.

Old or faulty wiring is the number one cause of house fires, and the older your home is, the greater the risk of fire due to electrical wiring that may be unsafe and outdated.

Here are a few warning signs that your electrical wiring may be unsafe or faulty:

wiring-switch• Dimming or flickering lights
• Fuses that constantly get blown
Breaker Boxes that are repeatedly getting tripped
• You feel tingling when you touch a light switch or an appliance
• A burning smell that is consistent with overheated wiring
• There are many ungrounded, two-prong outlets throughout your home

ElectricMasters has seen it all when it comes to unsafe wiring for the home or office.

We are the licensed, experienced Cincinnati electricians who can assess your home’s electrical wiring and provide you with a solution that is affordable and done right before you pay! Our local electrical company can handle all of your wiring needs. We offer wiring services of all types, including rewiring, pool and hot tub wiring and data/internet/cable TV wiring. Whether your electrical needs are commercial or residential in nature, we’ll take care of you for an affordable fee.

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