When you have small children, electrical safety should be a top priority. Did you know that every single day approximately seven kids are sent to the hospital due to burns or shocks from electrical outlets? Kids are curious, and it is not uncommon to find one sticking something into an outlet that they shouldn’t be. This is a real problem. Although concerned parents will usually baby-proof by putting covers on their outlets, in many cases, these just won’t do! Luckily, our electrician in Cincinnati has a better option for you, tamper resistant receptacles. Tamper resistant receptacles (TRPs) are a great option for every home with small children.

TRPs look like your typical outlet, but they are equipped with spring-loaded cover plates that prevent things from getting into the slots or openings of the outlets. The only way to access the outlet is by simultaneously applying pressure to both sides of the outlet. This opens up the slots, so that you are able to use the outlet as your normally would. TRPs are incredibly effective, and they are now a requirement for newly built homes, as well as in pediatric hospitals and care facilities. The guidelines for installing TRPs are the same guidelines as installing a regular outlet, so you will need a licensed electrician to get the job done for you.

Too many kids are sent to the hospital with outlet related burns and shocks. Don’t let your child be one of them. Keep your kids safe and give yourself more peace of mind by turning to ElectricMasters to get TRPs installed in your home.