Surge protectors are important to have in every home, but we often take them for granted, and not many people know a whole lot about them. Before we get into the facts about surge protectors, you need to know why they are necessary. Your outlets are supposed to give you a steady amount of electricity, because that is what your electronic devices depend on, but unfortunately lighting or malfunctions in the power grid can cause a spike or a surge in the power, which could damage (sometimes irreversibly) your device. Your surge protector is designed to give you a constant stream of electricity and protect your devices from spikes in electricity. Now that you know why you need a surge protector, you are ready to learn a few more things from our experienced electrician about surge protectors:

  • Power strips and surge protectors aren’t the same thing- Many people make the mistake of thinking that a power strip is the same thing as a surge protector, when in reality, the power strip is just there to give you more outlets, and it won’t protect your devices. Make sure that you plug your electronics into a power strip that specifically says it’s a surge protector.
  • Surge protectors can save you money- Many devices still draw electricity, even when they are turned off! All of the electricity can really add up! You can easily halt the flow of electricity to several of your devices at once by simply turning off your surge protector.

Want to learn more about surge protectors? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!