Not all surge protectors are made equal.

Buying a high-quality surge protector is one of the best things you can to do protect your electronics and appliances against power surges, however, not all surge protects can provide you with the same amount of protection. At ElectricMasters, our electrician in Cincinnati, OH wants you to find the best protection for your needs, and that’s why we’ve come up with this list of what to know about surge protectors before buying one:

#1. Pay attention to the joules.

The amount of protection offered by a surge protector is measured in joules. The more joules a surge protector has, the more protection it offers.

#2. Get extra protection with a warranty.

There are some surge protectors that actually come with warranties to cover the electronics that are plugged into them. While you probably won’t need this kind of warranty, having that extra protection can give you peace of mind.

#3. Don’t waste your money on a power conditioner.

Some surge protectors claim to condition the power that comes from the wall, which supposedly leads to improved performance for your gear. The fact is that your electronics already do this! Unless you have cheap or very unique gear, don’t waste your money on a power conditioner.

#4. Surges can occur over any wire.

Surges are not limited to power cords. In fact, they can happen over cable lines and phone lines as well. If you want complete protection from power surges, consider buying a surge protector that has phone and cable line connectors as well.

#5. Surge protectors won’t last forever.

Surge protectors eventually wear out and turn into basic power strips. Some surge protectors have lights and other indicators to warn you that they need to be replaced, but as a general rule, you should replace your surge protectors every couple of years.