Keep your family safe by keeping your cords organized!

When power cords are a tangled mess, they can put you at risk for electrical shocks, damaged electronics and, in extreme cases, even electrical fires! It’s very important to keep your power cords as organized as possible, but at ElectricMasters, we know how easily they can get tangled. And that’s why our electrician in Cincinnati went over a couple of helpful tips for organizing your power cords in our latest blog. Keep reading for more tips to help you organize your power cords:

#3. Color-code or label your cords. 

When you have several cords in one place and you have to unplug something, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly you are unplugging! One easy way to eliminate this problem is by color-coding or labeling your cords. That way, you know exactly which cord belongs to which electronic device.

#4. Keep power cords separate. 

Because power cords are potentially the most dangerous, you need to take special care when organizing them. Make it a point to keep your power cords neat and organized, and keep them separated from your other cords, especially if your other cords are tangled or messy.

#5. Get new outlets installed!

Extension cords are actually very dangerous if you don’t use them correctly, and believe it or not, extension cords are not designed to be a permanent solution. You are only supposed to use extension cords on a temporary basis, and if you use them improperly, it could lead to an electrical fire! Eliminate the need for extension cords by getting more outlets installed in your home.