1. What Causes Electrical Fires?

    Electrical fires are all too common.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, there 47,000 electrical fires in the United States every single year. These fires have resulted in $1.4 billion dollars in damage, 1,570 injuries and 418 deaths. As you can see, electrical fires are all too…Read More

  2. Signs That You Need to Update Your Electrical System

      Is your electrical system in need of an update? In our latest post, our electrician in Cincinnati went over a few of the dangers that are associated with faulty or old wiring. Now that you know why getting your electrical system updated is so important, it's time to learn about the signs that you…Read More

  3. The Dangers of Faulty and Old Wiring

    Is the wiring in your home old or faulty? Not many people spend a whole lot of time thinking about the wiring in their homes, even though they use their electrical systems each and every day. Electricity powers our daily lives, and we rely it on it frequently. However, electricity is also invisible,…Read More

  4. Is it Time to Change Your Wall Outlets? Part 2

    Did you know that your wall outlets will eventually need to be replaced? Electricity is a big part of our everyday lives, and that's probably why many people don't treat it with the respect and caution it requires. Changing your wall outlets at the first sign of trouble will help to keep your family…Read More

  5. Is it Time to Change Your Wall Outlets?

    If you are like most people, you probably don't give your outlets too much thought.  Most people don't give their outlets a second thought until they go to plug something in, but unfortunately, wall outlets were not designed to last forever. Believe it or not, eventually, you are going to need to h…Read More

  6. Your Extension Cord Safety Guide

    Extension cords are more dangerous than you might think.  Although you may not realize it, extension cords can be incredibly dangerous, and in our last blog, our electrician in Cincinnati went over a few of the main dangers that are associated with extension cords. However, there are certain things…Read More

  7. The Dangers of Extension Cords

    Most of us use extension cords on a daily basis without a second thought.  Take a moment to look behind your TV or desk. Chances are, you'll find an extension cord or two. Extension cords help us to utilize more outlets without having to install them, but not many people realize that they can actua…Read More

  8. The Importance of Organizing Power Cords Part 2

    Keep your family safe by keeping your cords organized! When power cords are a tangled mess, they can put you at risk for electrical shocks, damaged electronics and, in extreme cases, even electrical fires! It's very important to keep your power cords as organized as possible, but at ElectricMasters,…Read More

  9. The Importance of Organizing Power Cords

    Are your cords a tangled mess? According to the Consumer Electronics Association, approximately 24 electronics can be found in the average American household. With all of those electronics comes lots of cords, and it's all too easy for those cords to turn into a jumbled mess. Not only do tangled cor…Read More