1. What Causes Tripped Circuits

    Many homeowners have had to deal with a tripped circuit or two, but do you know what causes them? We've all been there: you are trying to start the washing machine and it just won't start; you're about to get to the big reveal in the movie you're watching and suddenly the power just goes out; you're…Read More

  2. Safety Tips for Using Your Electric Grill Part 2

    It's important to keep safety in mind when you are using your electric grill in Cincinnati this summer. Anytime you are using an electrical device, such as your microwave, TV, computer or hair dryer, you need to think about safety. However, since your electric grill is outside and, therefore, expose…Read More

  3. Your Guide to Power Outages

    Summer storms make power outages much more likely, but did you know that there are actually different kinds of power outages? Now that summer is officially here, many people in the great city of Cincinnati are preparing themselves for summer thunder storms and the power outages they bring. When a p…Read More

  4. Dangerous Myths About Electrical Safety Part 2

    Believing the myths about electrical safety could put you in danger! When it comes to electrical safety, it's incredibly important to know what is true and what isn't. Believing the myths and misconceptions about electrical safety could put you in a very dangerous situation, possibly even a fatal on…Read More

  5. How to Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer Part 2

    It's common to see an increase in your electricity bill during summer, but there are many ways to lower it. There are many reasons why so many people love the summer, including the nice weather, vacations, baseball, watermelon and so much more! Unfortunately, summer also typically brings a hike in y…Read More

  6. How to Protect Your Appliances Against Power Surges Part 2

    It's easy to prevent damage from power surges. If you use electricity in your home, then you are at risk for power surges. Even if you only experience small power surges in your home, it's incredibly important to take steps to protect your appliances and electronics against them. Small, seemingly in…Read More

  7. Your Guide to Power Surges

    The first step to combatting power surges is understanding them. Many people know that power surges can do serious damage to their appliances. Unfortunately, that is the only thing that most people know about power surges. At ElectricMasters, we believe that knowledge is power, and that's why our e…Read More

  8. Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires

    Don't let an electrical fire happen to you! It's no secret that an electrical fire can be a devastating thing. Not only could your family be put in danger, but you could also lose your home. Although electrical fires are very common, they are also very preventable. In our last blog series, our elect…Read More

  9. What Causes Electrical Fires?

    Electrical fires are all too common.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, there 47,000 electrical fires in the United States every single year. These fires have resulted in $1.4 billion dollars in damage, 1,570 injuries and 418 deaths. As you can see, electrical fires are all too…Read More