In our last blog, we talked about staying safe while you put your holiday lights up this year. We discussed checking your outlets, using a wooden ladder, using insulated staples and hooks, and avoiding overloading your circuits. The following is a list from our licensed electrician of a few more safety tips that you may find helpful this holiday season:

  • Turn your lights off- When you are away from home or when you go to sleep at night, always make sure that you turn your Christmas lights off. This will help to prevent your holiday lights from overheating when you aren’t there to enjoy them. It will also help you save on your electricity bill!
  • Be careful with your extension cords- Many people like to place decorative rugs or furniture over unsightly extension cords, but this is a fire hazard! Try taping your cords to the wall if you are worried about them being in the way.
  • Replace bulbs with the same wattage- When you have to replace bulbs in your Christmas lights, make sure that you use a bulb with the same wattage. If you use a higher wattage, you could cause your lights to overheat, which could lead to a fire.
  • Use your space heater cautiously- Space heaters can generate a lot of heat, so make sure you are following all of the manufacturers directions when your heater is in use, and try to keep furniture and other things as far away from it as possible. Never use your space heater when you aren’t home, and always inspect your heater’s electrical cord to make sure that it isn’t melted or frayed before you plug it in.