In our last blog, we talked about a few outlet safety tips to keep your family and your home safe. To recap, we talked about not plugging too many things into a single outlet, keeping your outlets covered and using ground fault circuit interrupters in the more hazardous areas of your home. Although all of the above tips will go a long way to minimizing your risk for  dangerous electrical situations, you should still know how to spot the signs of trouble. That is why our electrician in Cincinnati has come up with these signs of an overloaded electrical system:

  • Lights that flicker, momentarily dim or blink often.
  • Wall plates or cords that are either discolored or warm to the touch.
  • Circuit breakers that trip often or fuses that are blown often.
  • Buzzing, sizzling or crackling noises coming from your outlets.

If you have noticed any of the above signs in your home, it is important to call an electrician to come check the situation out right away. A preemptive visit from a licensed electrician will be nothing compared to the cost of dealing with an actual electrical emergency. If you do happen to experience an electrical fire, it is important that you call 911 right away. If the fire is small enough for you to put out yourself, keep in mind that you should never attempt to put out an electrical fire with water. Instead, use baking soda or a dry fire extinguisher. You can also turn off your home’s main source of power while you are waiting for help to come.