Ahhh, yes. The age-old myths of heating and cooling. There are the not-so-good, the bad, and the ugly myths, which can cost you in efficiency and utility bills. We’ve heard quite a few over the years, and some of these myths are downright hard to believe! Today, we’ll go through some of the tall tales we hear the most, as well as a few odd ones as well.

You can effectively heat your home with a fireplace

While many of us look back at the good old days of a cozy fireplace, the truth is that much of that heat doesn’t transfer well throughout the home. In fact, much of the heat produced goes straight up the chimney. When chimneys aren’t being used, much of your home’s heat leaks through the fireplace and right out of your home. Taking proper HVAC maintenance measures and investing in HVAC repair can greatly save you money in the long run. Not to mention — you won’t have to spend all your money on firewood.

Space heaters are a great way to save money

Why heat your whole house when you can heat one room with a space heater? It seems logical, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Virtually all space heaters run on electricity, which is vastly inferior to the efficiency of gas heating. If you’re using a space heater to heat your home because of much-needed HVAC maintenance, consider calling an HVAC contractor like ElectricMasters to get your home’s heating and cooling system to where it needs to be.

Keeping your home air conditioner off when you’re out and about will save you money

This may seem like an easy way to reduce monthly electricity bills and save the planet, but sadly this is another myth. Unless you are leaving your home for a very long period of time, you won’t want to touch that thermostat too much in the summer. Keeping your home hot while you are out of the house actually makes your A/C works substantially harder when you flip it back on. Making your system constantly work this hard multiple times a week can reduce the life of your A/C and eventually may lead to a full replacement. 

Running a fan and A/C at the same time will lower the temperature of the home quickly

Even though this sounds like a great idea, we’re sorry to say that this is indeed another common myth! It’s easy to think the more cooling systems you run at once, the quicker your home will become cold. Running your air conditioning will definitely make your home colder, but a ceiling fan simply moves air around the room, giving you the impression that your home is getting even cooler. The truth is that running both at the same time won’t drop the temperature at all in your home. Save yourself the extra money and use just one or the other. Chances are, you’ll feel about the same. If your home has had proper HVAC maintenance, your A/C system should work just fine to make you feel comfortable.

It’s fine to only call an HVAC contractor when there is a problem

This is definitely one of the biggest myths. Keeping your home’s heating and cooling systems running well throughout the years ahead requires regular maintenance. Through routine HVAC maintenance, you’ll not only be able to save yourself from an expensive HVAC repair down the road but greatly prolong the life of your unit. Additionally, your A/C or heating system will be running more efficiently, saving you even more money. Knowing your heating and cooling devices are dependable and ready to go whenever you need them grants peace of mind that’s priceless. 

We hope you’ve gained some insight into how some of these old myths can not only harm your home’s heating and cooling but also put a serious dent in your wallet. Through HVAC repair and maintenance, and keeping these busted myths in mind, you’ll be on the road to a more comfortable, efficient, and safer life at your home. Investing in keeping your home feeling great is as simple as giving your friendly HVAC contractors at ElectricMasters a call! We look forward to speaking with you soon!