In our latest blog, we talked about how circuit breakers are a common cause of electrical fires. We also mentioned that many of the problems that circuit breakers have will come with obvious signs. To recap, we’ve gone over the signs of an overloaded circuit and a miswired circuit. We have just a couple more common circuit breaker problems that we think you should know about. The following is a list of the last couple of problems from our experienced electrician in Cincinnati, OH:

  • Short Circuits – In a short circuit, a neutral wire and a hot wire make contact with one another, which results in an electrical charge bypassing the normal route that it takes and creating a dangerous high current of electricity. A short circuit can cause a variety of issues, including damage to your appliances and electronics and burned or melted cords and wires. Common signs of a short circuit include a damaged breaker or a breaker that gets frequently tripped.
  • Buzzing or humming circuits – Have you noticed a buzzing or humming sound coming from the panel of your circuit breaker? This could be a sign of many things, including an overloaded circuit or a wiring issue. Although this noise can be very annoying, it is actually lucky to be able to hear it, because it alerts you to the problem early on, so that you can get it taken care of.

If you notice any of the signs indicating an issue with your circuit breaker that we have talked about, please don’t hesitate to call us right away. Remember, circuit breaker problems commonly lead to electrical fires, and the best way to keep your family safe is by taking prompt action.