Although it might not feel like it at the moment, we are well and truly over the hump when it comes to the winter season. Yes, March and soon after it spring will be upon us. It’s the end of winter in Cincinnati and the scent of fresh beginnings will be in the air.

Speaking of the air, you’ll want to make sure that freshness can be found inside your home as well as outside it. As winter’s end draws near, you might begin to think about what you’d like to add to your spring cleaning checklist this year. While we might be slightly biased, given that we are a Cincinnati HVAC company ourselves, but we’d argue that adding a handful of HVAC maintenance chores to your spring cleaning list might be the smartest thing you do all year.

In fact, we will argue that it’s very important right here in today’s blog. Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of providing you some practical HVAC maintenance tips for this spring and summer, allow us a few words about who we are at Electric Masters (in case any of our readers are new or may have forgotten!).

Electric Masters: Your Cincinnati HVAC Contractor of Choice

While our business name might suggest to some that our “bread and butter” is exclusively electrical services, we are more than just your average, local electrician. For over two decades now, we’ve been providing both electrician and HVAC services in Cincinnati and beyond. No matter if you are in need of residential or commercial HVAC maintenance, repair, or installation, we’ve got the passion, experience, and affordable price points that our customers are looking for. We blend high-quality service with exceptional value so that it doesn’t cost our customers an arm and a leg just to make their home or place of business warm during the winter and cool in the summer! If you are in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati, Ohio, consider Electric Masters for licensed, experienced, and friendly HVAC specialists.

Spring HVAC Tips

Now that we’ve taken the opportunity to inform you why you should choose our Cincinnati HVAC company over all the other HVAC contractors around, we have a promised blog topic to get to! Keep reading for a few practically beneficial tips that are sure to help improve your home or place of business’ air quality in 2019 and beyond!

  • Change Your Furnace Filter Monthly – We know, we know — we said these tips were for the springtime, but you’ll notice that we never expressly stated that they are exclusively for the spring! Hence, we strongly recommend changing out your air filter every single month, if you have a temporary furnace filter. If you have a permanent filter, you should still take it out, wipe it off, and rinse it each month. Not only can you see the all the build-up coming off (which will inspire you to be more consistent about changing and cleaning out your filter), but regularly changing your air filter can save you money on your energy bill. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, you can actually shave off up around 15 percent of your typical energy bill by being consistent about the air filter maintenance in your home. So do it in spring, summer, fall, and winter!
  • Remove Any And All Debris From Around Your HVAC System – Your AC unit is on the exterior of your home, in case you’re completely new to this. But simply because it is located outside does not mean that you can afford to let it be exposed to the harsh elements we experience here in Cincinnati. That’s why it’s crucial to remove all debris and obstructions that are touching your HVAC unit. This is something you can do during your spring cleaning, but again, we’d recommend doing this a minimum of once every month, if not more often. Clear away weeds, grass, leaves, sticks, and whatever else has decided to set up shop near your exterior HVAC unit. Doing so ensures your system is able to take in all the air it needs in order to properly regulate your home or place of business’ temperature.
  • Turn Your AC System On – Here’s the easiest tip you’ll ever get: turn on your air conditioner! Why? You need to make sure it’s working properly — ideally before the first summer heat wave hits. Take it from us, an HVAC contractor that works in homes with failed AC units fairly often — your future-self will thank your past-self for taking the time to make sure your house can remain cool this summer. So all you need to do is turn the air on for a bit and make sure that it is indeed cooling your home or commercial building!
  • Don’t Forget About Your Bathroom Fans – We’ve finally arrived at a chore that you only need to do once per year, believe it or not! You should clean your bathroom fans at least once every year to remove the general build-up that can get pretty dense if left unattended. Simply take the cover off (you might need a screwdriver to do this), wash your fan in some soapy water to get the dirt of the fan blades. If you are having trouble reaching all sides of your bathroom fan, try using a toothbrush for a better vantage point. Also, please make sure the power is off while you are cleaning your fan!
  • Replace Your Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Batteries Twice A Year – While this might not be directly related to HVAC maintenance, it’s at least adjacent in theory. Plus, making sure your smoke detectors are functioning properly is extremely important. Plus, we’d recommend dusting off your detectors to make sure no gunk gets in there and breaks them.
  • Check On Your Dehumidifier – Not every home has one, but if you do, it’s best practice to let your dehumidifier dry completely at least once per year. To do this, take off its exterior and allow the unit to become completely dry. Once this is done, vacuum all surfaces. This should extend the lifespan of your dehumidifier.
  • Check On The Drainage Hole – Most AC units have a “drainage hole” at the base of the external cabinet. Usually, it’s just underneath the evaporator fins. The drainage hole must be clear for the unit to function correctly, so it’s necessary to use a paper clip or a thin wire to poke through the hole and make sure it’s breathable, so to speak.

Remember, If you don’t feel comfortable performing this kind of task, remember that Electric Masters is only a phone call away! Give us a call for affordable Cincinnati HVAC service today!