Beating the heat doesn’t have to cause your electric bill to spike!

It is all too easy to crank up the AC when the heat starts to get to you, but with the AC running also comes a bigger electric bill. That is why, in our last blog, our electrician in Cincinnati, OH came up with a few tips for lowering the electric bill while beating the heat. If you haven’t already, check out our previous blog! Keep reading to learn more tips to stay cooler this summer without seeing a spike in the electric bill:

  • Distribute the flow of air in your home – Every room of your home doesn’t need to be kept cool at all times. Close the vents for rooms that you don’t use often during the day, offices, guest rooms, etc. so that the majority of the air goes to the rooms that get the most use. You can also circulate the air more efficiently and help your AC along by utilizing a fan.
  • Keep the shutters closed – Although we all love the summer sun, it can really heat up a house. You’d be surprised how big of a difference it will make if you keep your blinds closed during the hottest part of the day.
  • Open the windows at night – Luckily it can cool down quite a bit at night, and this is the perfect time to turn on a fan and open the windows rather than keeping the AC on.

Do you have any questions or concerns about saving money on the electric bill while staying cool? If so, contact us today.