Here at ElectricMasters, we’ve been serving Northern Kentucky and the greater Cincinnati area for years. With our exceptional service and quality electrician work, we’re proud of our customer retention rate and online reviews. We believe in treating our customers like family and those family values have helped us succeed over the years. We find a lot of our new clients who just aren’t quite sure as to when they should call an electrician. We wanted to give you a few tips on how you can tell when it’s time to call a licensed electrician.

1. One light is brighter or dimmer than the others. This could be a sign of a poor neutral connection.

2. Your outlets and cords are a tangled mess. It’s time to adjust your outlet and wiring system if you have a ton of octopus connectors at every outlet and cords running everywhere.

3. Your lights are flickering. If your lights are flickering every time you plug your hairdryer in, or if they dim when you plug your blender in, it’s time to call ElectricMasters. Our professionals can ensure that your circuits are properly wired for these types of appliances.

4. Your outlets or light switches aren’t working properly or at all. Whether it’s one outlet or the entire room, this is a great example of when it’s time to call us. This is a sign of bad wiring and we can help you.

5. Your light bulbs keep blowing. Save your money and frustration of constantly having to replace your light bulbs. This is a sign of a poor neutral connection and we know exactly how to fix it!