With all of the excitement that the holidays bring, many people forget about safety. 

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year, but unfortunately, it comes with many unique safety risks that you need to consider. In our previous post, our certified electrician in Cincinnati, OH went over a few safety tips for hanging holiday lights. Keep reading to learn more tips to help you stay safe while hanging holiday lights:

#4. Keep your cords out of harm’s way. 

A pierced strand can be very dangerous, and it could cause burns or even an electrical fire. When you hang your holiday lights, use hooks or clips instead of nails, tacks or staples. It’s also important to keep your cords safely away from foot traffic and furniture that may pinch or damage them.

#5. Steer clear of heat sources and appliances while hanging your lights. 

Hanging lights too close to heat sources and appliances can really increase your risk for electrical fires. Even something as innocent as an incandescent bulb could melt through your wires and lead to an electrical fire.

#6. Switch to LED lights. 

LED lights are beneficial for so many reasons. LEDs have a longer lifespan, are more efficient and are more durable than incandescent lights, but from a safety standpoint, LEDs are beneficial because they don’t generate as much heat, which may just help you avoid a fire.

There’s nothing as exciting as the holiday season, but don’t get so caught up in the excitement that you forget about safety! Do you have any questions or concerns about the safety tips we’ve gone over? If so, contact us!