With the cold months ahead, we are all looking for ways to cut down our energy bills. 

Fall and winter can be hard on our energy bills. Unfortunately, there are many conservation myths out there that can actually end up having the opposite effect on your energy bill. That’s why, in our last blog, our electrician in Cincinnati, OH started talking about a couple of the most common energy conservation myths. Keep reading to learn more:

Myth #3. Your house will heat up faster if you turn the thermostat up higher. 

Furnaces are designed to deliver heat at a consistent rate, so it will take just as long to heat up your home regardless of whether it is set low or high.

Myth #4. If you close off vents, you can reduce your heating bill.

Many homes have forced air heating systems, and if yours does, a consistent pressure loud is sent throughout the entire house. If you block a vent, it can actually lead to an unbalanced system. Keeping the heat evenly distributed saves more energy anyway! If you close off a room, that room will, of course, be colder than the rest of the home. However, heat naturally travels from higher concentrations to lower concentrations. In other words, those cold rooms in your home will actually steal heat from the warmer rooms in your home, leading to an overall colder home.

Myth #5. When your appliances are off, they aren’t using energy.

If left plugged in, many appliances still use a small amount of energy when they are turned off. Make it a point to turn off any appliances you aren’t currently using.