According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2011, there were approximately 47,700 electrical fires in the United States. Although electrical fires can be caused by many things, one incredibly common cause is a faulty circuit breaker. The good news is that when there is a problem with your circuit breaker, there will be signs to alert you to the issue before it gets out of hand. What kinds of problems can circuit breakers have? The following is a list from our electrician in Cincinnati of the most common issues that circuit breakers can have:

  • Overloaded circuits – If your circuits are overloaded, it means that you are putting more strain on your system than it can handle. An overloaded circuit is a very dangerous issue, because an overload can quickly lead to an electrical fire. Some of the signs of an overloaded circuit include breakers that are frequently tripped and outlets, panels or breakers that are hot to the touch.
  • Circuits with bad wiring – Whether the wires are loose, they don’t connect to anything or they are just connected sloppily, a miswired circuit can lead to a variety of issues, and it could put you at a high risk for getting shocked when you go to use your appliances. Signs of a circuit with bad wiring include lights that flicker or a breaker that won’t turn off the power.

Do you want to learn about a couple more common circuit breaker issues that you could experience? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!