Here at ElectricMasters, we come across quite a few different electrical issues. Just when we think we’ve seen everything, something else comes up that surprises and shocks (no pun intended) us. However, today we want to showcase a few of the more common electrical problems that we see as electricians in hopes that we can help homeowners and renters identify issues in their home’s electrical wiring. We believe that it’s not only important to provide safe electrical work to our clients but also to help educate them.

Issues with light bulbs and fixtures are very common. Traditional incandescent light bulbs burn out at an alarming rate when considering the life span of LED lights. However, if your light bulbs are burning out at rates faster than you think, there can be varying reasons depending on how widespread throughout your home the issue is.

Flickering lights represent a poor connection somewhere within the circuit. If your lights are flickering throughout the entire house, a main wire connection could be the issue.

When some lights get brighter as others get dim, you have an electrical issue that can be dangerous to the lifespan of the electronics and appliances in your home. This is caused by a bad main neutral connection and should be looked at as soon as possible.

When circuit breakers or outlets have tripped off and won’t reset, you normally find issues with the circuit.

Two switches that are supposed to work with a light but don’t always work correctly. Sometimes, a switch goes bad, but more often than not the problem stems from not replacing a switch correctly.