It’s important for everyone to know what common electrical hazards are and how to avoid them. 

Regardless of your career or status, chances are, you use electricity every single day. Because electricity is such a huge part of our lives, it’s absolutely essential to understand what the biggest electrical hazards are and how to avoid them. In our last blog, our electrician in Cincinnati, OH started going over a couple of those hazards. Keep reading to learn more:

#3. Pets and Kids

Since most outlets are located close to the ground, it’s all too easy for kids and pets to mess with them. Luckily, you don’t have to move all of your outlets to keep your kids and pets safe. Plastic cords are a great option for eliminating the risk of kids sticking their fingers or other items in your outlets. It’s also important to secure any loose cords you may have with tape or zip ties to keep your pet from chewing them.

#4. Damaged Cords and Wires

Overtime, cords and wires can start to show signs of wear and tear, and while it’s tempting to keep using them, you should never use cords or wires that are frayed, melted, corroded or damaged in any way. You should also avoid trying to fix damaged cords. You’re better off getting them replaced.

#5. Broken Smoke Alarms

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about two-thirds of all house fires resulting in deaths happen in homes that don’t have working smoke alarms.When it comes to your safety, your smoke alarms are the most important feature in your home. However, if they are broken or they have dead batteries, they are completely useless.

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