There is nothing quite like enjoying the soft glow of a Christmas tree. Trees help to create the perfect holiday atmosphere, but unfortunately they can be dangerous. Every year, hundreds of electrical fires happen because of accidents with Christmas trees. Luckily, you have ElectricMasters on your side, and our talented electrician in Cincinnati has come up with this list of tips to help you to stay safe while enjoying your beautiful Christmas tree:

  • Don’t hang lights on a metal tree- A metal tree with Christmas lights can become charged with electricity, which could leave anyone who touches it at risk to be electrocuted. Lights on a metal tree are also at risk for shorting out, which could lead to a fire.
  • Make sure that your tree is fresh- A tree that is dry is much more susceptible to catching fire than a fresh tree, so make sure that your tree is fresh and stays that way with plenty of water. As soon you don’t need your tree anymore, remove it from your home, because the longer it sits there, the more likely it will be to catch fire. It is also important to keep your tree far away from any heat sources, like vents of fireplaces.
  • Check your lights- Many people don’t realize that Christmas lights aren’t meant to last forever –they have a shelf-life. Pay attention to the labels on your lights, and make sure to get rid of any lights that have frayed or broken wires.

For more tips on staying safe while enjoying your holiday decorations, please stay tuned for our next blog!