1. Shocking Facts About Electricity & Electrical Work

    If you thought our last “review blog” was a change of pace, buckle up for today’s post, because we are talking all things electricity! Seeing as how it’s in our name, ElectricMasters, we thought we might take the opportunity to dispense a bit of industry knowledge for our readers.  As Cinci…Read More

  2. A Few Fun Facts about Electricity & Electricians!

    We are back with another blog about all things electricity and electrician-related! Over the past several months, we’ve been focusing most of our energy on discussing HVAC repair, maintenance, installation, and other related subjects. But, after all, our name is ElectricMasters, so we feel the nee…Read More

  3. Signs That You Need New Outlets

    You rely on your electrical outlets each and every day, but sooner or later, they will need to be replaced or you may need additional ones installed. Contrary to popular belief, electrical outlets don't last forever. In order to prevent electrical fires and shocks, it's important to know when to inv…Read More