1. Why Should I Hire An Electrician?

    Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? If you choose Electric Masters, the best electrician in Cincinnati, just mention this website and/or blog and you will receive a discounted $59 service call.  Is that all the convincing it took? Great!  Ah, some of you want more — understandable. In that case,…Read More

  2. The Full Range Of Electrical Services We Offer In Cincinnati & Beyond

    Whether you live on the Kentucky side or the Ohio side of the Tri-State border, Electric Masters is the licensed electrician with the experience you need to get the job done. But what is the job in the first place? Excellent question! We aren’t sure what kind of electrical services you need. They …Read More

  3. Why There’s No Better Time To Get An HVAC Maintenance Plan

    “We had a little miscommunication due to a technological error on my end and Electric Masters made it right even though they were not at fault. I have revoked my complaint and would recommend using these guys to anyone. Garry helped us out immensely by giving us quality work for much less than the…Read More

  4. A Brief Review Of The Electrician & HVAC Services We Offer In Cincinnati

    In recent blogs, it’s fair to say we’ve bounced around a bit. Our last post was about interesting albeit random facts related to electricity and electricians. Before that, we offered up a few practical HVAC maintenance tips to supplement your spring cleaning list, and before that we discussed wh…Read More

  5. A Few Fun Facts about Electricity & Electricians!

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  6. Why Regular HVAC Maintenance in Cincinnati Is Crucial

    Cincinnati climbs north of 90 degrees Fahrenheit an average of 22 days each year, stretching from late spring into early autumn. According to Current Results, our lovely Ohio city gets above the century mark in temperature an average of a couple times per year. And while it may only be March, anothe…Read More

  7. HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Spring Cleaning

    Although it might not feel like it at the moment, we are well and truly over the hump when it comes to the winter season. Yes, March and soon after it spring will be upon us. It’s the end of winter in Cincinnati and the scent of fresh beginnings will be in the air. Speaking of the air, you’ll wa…Read More

  8. A Few Signs You Need A New Electrician

    In our last post, we took the opportunity to share a few tips regarding what folks should look for when looking for an electrician — in Cincinnati and beyond. To be fair, however, you don’t have to live in Cincinnati to find a few practical guidelines in that post. No matter what part of the cou…Read More

  9. How To Choose An Electrician In Cincinnati

    Whether you are in-market for residential electrical service, commercial electrical work, or a local electrician who is experienced in new construction projects, we’ve got you covered at Electric Masters, Cincinnati’s Top Rated Local® electrician! Now that you know which electrician in Cincinna…Read More