1. What Causes Electrical Shocks?

    Electrical shocks can be deadly, and to prevent them, you need to first understand what can cause them. Did you know that electrical shocks are some of the most common electrical emergencies? Electrical shocks are all too common, and while they can be minor, they can also be deadly. As a homeowner, …Read More

  2. Why is Your Smoke Detector Beeping? Part 2

    There's nothing more frustrating than intermittent beeping coming from your smoke detector! When your smoke detector randomly beeps, it can make you want to pull your hair out. Unfortunately, you can't simply turn the beeping off or pull the smoke detector off of the wall because it is an essential …Read More

  3. Why is Your Smoke Detector Beeping?

    Have you noticed that your smoke detector randomly beeps? From a safety standpoint, your smoke detectors are the most important things in your home. Fire fatalities are all too common, but by simply having a smoke detector, you are greatly reducing your risk for fire-related deaths. However, no matt…Read More

  4. Signs That Your Home Needs to be Rewired Part 2

    Your electrical wiring won't last forever, and eventually, your home will need to be rewired. You rely on your electrical wiring each and evewirery day. Whether it's for catching up on the evening news or warming up your leftovers, you need electrical wiring that is dependable and safe. Unfortunatel…Read More

  5. Signs That Your Home Needs to be Rewired

    You depend on your home's wiring to deliver your electricity safely, but outdated wiring could be dangerous. Every time you turn on your toaster, dry your hair or watch your television, you depend on the electrical wiring in your home. Your wiring is designed to deliver electricity efficiently and s…Read More

  6. What to do When a Circuit Trips

    At ElectricMasters, we believe that every homeowner should know what to do when a circuit breaker gets tripped. Tripped circuit breakers are quite common, and most of us have to deal with them at some point or another. When it comes to your electrical system, it's definitely smart to leave repairs a…Read More

  7. What Causes Tripped Circuits Part 2

    Circuit breaker trips are incredibly common, but do you know what causes them? Whether you are renting or buying your home, chances are, you've dealt with a tripped circuit or two. Most people think that tripped circuits are always due to overloads, and while overloaded circuits are certainly the mo…Read More

  8. What Causes Tripped Circuits

    Many homeowners have had to deal with a tripped circuit or two, but do you know what causes them? We've all been there: you are trying to start the washing machine and it just won't start; you're about to get to the big reveal in the movie you're watching and suddenly the power just goes out; you're…Read More

  9. Your Guide to Circuit Breakers

    Your circuit breaker is an incredibly important part of your home's electrical system. Did you know that, without your circuit breaker, using electricity in your home would be very dangerous? Although our circuit breakers are commonly used by homeowners, many people are unfamiliar with what they do …Read More