There’s nothing like completing a job well-done.

Many people love to handle all of the repairs and maintenance around their homes by themselves. It gives people great pride to complete their own work, but unfortunately, when it comes to electrical repairs, many of them require the help of a professional. When you are doing your own electrical work, one wrong move could put you in danger, and a single mistake could be fatal. The following is a list from our electrician in Cincinnati of the top five electrical problems you shouldn’t try to fix on your own:

#1. Replacing or repairing your circuit breaker box. 

If your circuit breaker isn’t designed or installed properly, the wire can heat up and cause a short, which can lead to an electrical fire. Electrical overloads are all too common and they are incredibly dangerous. Licensed, professional electricians understand how to design and install circuits properly, so stay safe and call in the experts!

#2. Repairing, replacing or adding new wiring in your home. 

If there is an overload inside your walls, it could easily cause an electrical fire. Not only are electrical fires destructive and dangerous, but many insurance companies won’t cover the damage if the electrical fire was caused by faulty wiring that was installed by someone without a license. You should also note that building codes can and do change every few years, and licensed electricians are well informed about codes and can make sure that your home is up to date.

Learn about the last three  electrical problems that you shouldn’t try to fix one your own by staying tuned for our next blog.